3 Reasons to Stop Procrastinating and Start Addiction Treatment Today

“I don’t have the money.”

“There’s no one available to watch my kids.”

“I’ll lose my job.”

These are common excuses given by people who would prefer to continue to live with an active addiction rather than do the work of getting the rehabilitation treatment they need to heal. Unfortunately, an active addiction will only continue to deplete financial resources, and it’s rare for addicts to maintain custody without getting addiction treatment. And the job? That’s at risk every day that addiction is allowed to continue.

Essentially, every area of life is threatened by an active addiction. Every excuse is really just a reason to get treatment.

  1. Money. Addiction is expensive. Not only does the drug (or drugs) of choice cost money, it’s often difficult to budget, pay bills on time, and make positive financial choices while under the influence. Though going to drug rehab doesn’t pay in cash, it does provide a clarity that can be applied to finances and a respite from reckless spending – at least on drugs and alcohol – to allow for financial rejuvenation.
  2. Family. Children are always a priority, and those who are living with an active addiction are not prioritizing the well-being of their kids. Many lose custody as a result – either through divorce or the intervention of child protective services. Getting treatment is not an admission of bad parenting; rather, it is a sign that the patient is putting the kids first and working hard to provide the best possible home for them.
  3. Future. Though it may seem like a job may be threatened by taking a leave of absence for drug and alcohol addiction treatment, the opposite is true. Most employers will recognize the need for healthcare and be supportive of treatment – and all will appreciate the renewed energy and focus without the addiction-related mistakes that littered performance prior to rehab. Also, without treatment, it’s usually a matter of time before that job is gone, anyway – leaving the patient with nothing but a bad reputation and no positive reference to find another position.

What’s stopping you from getting the treatment you need to address your drug or alcohol dependence? All it takes is one phone call to move forward in your life – and away from active addiction. Call now to hear more about the benefits you will enjoy when you enroll in one of our rehabilitation and treatment programs here at Axis.