British Millionaire’s Cocaine Use Causes His Nose to Cave In

James Brown, a British man so successful as a property developer he was able to retire by his mid-30s, is now making headlines for his rampant cocaine use. Just shy of a decade into his early retirement, Brown is facing a five-year prison sentence, and his nose collapsed after excessive cocaine use deteriorated the cartilage in his septum undermining the structural integrity of his nose.

Brown is headed to prison as a result of possessing both illegal drugs and weapons. Law enforcement officials found $286,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the vents and roof of Brown’s high-class Bentley. In addition, a stockpile of illegal guns and ammunition were discovered in the hotel room he was staying in at the time of his arrest.

Brown’s Life Is a Living Anti-Drug Campaign

Brown is a walking poster child for why someone should not do cocaine. A man who had all the money he could ever need and a lifetime to work and play in whatever fashion he pleased is now going to waste five years behind bars. The drug has taken a toll on his physical health leading to heart problems and any number of health complications that may spring from a collapsed nose. Brown’s mental state has suffered from the cocaine use too, causing severe paranoia that led him to collect the illegal weapons he possessed.

Still Not Convinced?

If Brown’s situation is not evidence enough that abusing cocaine can lead to dangerous personal consequences, the following is a list of even more negative results of cocaine abuse:

  • Restricts blood flow, reducing the amount of oxygenated blood to the heart which can lead to chest pain, heart attacks or even strokes
  • The addiction is so powerful that individuals will crave it just by seeing a video of other people doing it.
  • It is toxic to nasal tissue and can lead to nasal and respiratory ailments.
  • Makes the aging process occur twice as fast in the brain, causing a faster loss of grey matter which decreases memory and decision-making abilities as well as attention
  • Depletes the brains innate ability to produce the “feel good” chemical dopamine, causing depression
  • Despite the fact that cocaine can provide increased sexual arousal and stamina at first, long-term abuse results in impotence.
  • It impedes an individual’s appetite, causing the loss of an unhealthy amount of weight in many cases.

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