FBI Closes Down Online Drug Marketplace Silk Road

Ross Ulricht, the creator of the Silk Road online commerce site, was arrested by the FBI in San Francisco in the fall of last year. Arrested on charges of money laundering and narcotics, Ulricht started the website as a way for people to anonymously buy and sell drugs. The website allowed people to mainly traffic drugs, such as narcotic pain medications, heroin, Ecstasy and cocaine, and also to buy and sell other things such as forged documents, in complete anonymity.

Silk Road used strong encryption to mask users’ location. In place of credit cards or PayPal, an untraceable digital currency called Bitcoin was also used to keep transactions anonymous. Silk Road also gave users advice on how to best package their shipments in order to avoid detection. The FBI estimates that the site facilitated more than $30 million in transactions each year since launching in early 2011.

The Additional ‘Costs’ of Treatment

When most people think about the cost of substance abuse treatment, the monetary cost is usually the first thing that comes to mind – but the dollar amount is only one investment in recovery. Patients must commit to making a number of changes and investing their full commitment to each of them in order to get and maintain their sobriety. For example:

  • Lifestyle choices: leaving behind old behaviors and habits that revolve around substance abuse and figuring out new ways to live their life
  • Sense of self: losing their identity as someone who abuses drug or alcohol and then discovering who they really are without substance abuse
  • Definition of freedom: feeling that the cessation of drug or alcohol abuse will steal their freedom, yet learning how quitting actually sets them free from the destructive power of substance abuse

The Rewards of a Sober Life

The cost of giving up substance abuse may seem like a huge sacrifice for someone who trapped in addiction, and it’s true that the road to recovery is no easy trip. However, the benefits of continued sobriety begin almost immediately and continue to grow the longer the person spends without drugs and alcohol and invests in making positive choices.

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