Guest Post: Mateo Tells His Story

addiction recovery success story

Our alumni are so important to us as is their success. Mateo Ilic wanted to share his story of addiction and his treatment experience at Pacific View Recovery Center, which is one of our locations in Santa Monica, California.

For the past 10 years, I have tried to get sober through several different methods of treatment, from methadone clinics to inpatient programs. As an IV heroin/meth user and a “chronic relapser,” I had convinced myself that nothing would work for me and that I was doomed to die an alcoholic death. I had dug my bottom deeper and deeper until I had no options left, yet again.

I had been in and out of treatment centers since 13 years old, had traveled to different counties and different states to try and clean myself up, but wherever I went, there I was. Every time I got sober I would take what I thought “I needed” and leave the rest.

Coming back to PVRC this time, I was told what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. I was surrounded by people that knew me, had seen me come in and out of the rooms for years. These people held me accountable to really giving this program a shot.

From the day I walked into PVRC I knew that I was going to be taken care of as long as I put in effort on my end. The one question I was asked that I absolutely hated answering was “what is different this time?” After 8 months of thinking about that question, I’ve come to realize the only difference is the fact that I took the suggestions given to me by people who had been through this before. I took advantage of the groups and therapy sessions, looked at the community as my own, and began to take action in helping others help me.

Honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, and most importantly desperation were all I needed to create a foundation, and the staff at PVRC helped me to tap into those. Ending up here was meant to be, and I really don’t think I could have ended up at a better facility.

Today, I am in school to become a barber, I take other young men through the 12 steps, have made huge strides in rebuilding once broken relationships with family and friends, and have begun to establish a sober life for myself. I will always be grateful to Dimensions Recovery for not giving up on me. 

Mateo Ilic 

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