How Crystal Meth Addiction Took Down One of America’s Top Models

Everyone knows that drugs and alcohol can kick the aging process into hyperdrive. Many have seen this illustrated in anti-drug campaigns like “The Faces of Meth” in which photos taken over a series of months starkly illustrated how quickly the drug ages its user.

The United States now has a new “before and after” shot that shockingly demonstrates that tragic destruction that comes from meth use – former America’s Next Top Model finalist Jael Strauss.

The former beauty was discovered at age 22 working in Detroit managing a band. Strauss was thrust into the spotlight on America’s Next Top Model and performed very well – her beautiful “before” picture. Fast forward a few years to the present, and she is the picture of misery with pocked skin, lackluster hair, and sallow skin tone – her shocking “after” picture.

Strauss Comes From a Family With a History of Drug Use

According to those close to her, it was not fame that started Strauss’s drug use. Strauss’s friends and family report that she has been doing meth for six years, which means she was already using before she went on the show.

Strauss’s parents admit that they have done drugs with their daughter in the past. Although no comment was made on their current relationship with substance abuse, they are removed enough from that lifestyle now to know their daughter needs help. Strauss’s family approached Dr. Phil to provide an effective intervention and to offer her a high-quality addiction treatment program.

Strauss Agreed to Treatment After a Televised Intervention

When the Dr. Phil show arrived on the scene, Strauss was working in a strip club and living in a motel. Her face is wholly unrecognizable from her modeling days with numerous missing teeth and skin so damaged and riddled with sores that it could easily belong to an elderly woman. The before-and-after photos of the one-time model are tragic at best. Her parents say their daughter is using a combination of the following drugs:

The Dr. Phil show captured Strauss’s intervention process on tape. Though her initial reaction was rage, she ultimately accepted Dr. Phil’s offer of treatment.

If you or someone you love is battling a meth addiction, treatment is available. Here at Axis, we can provide you with high-end, comprehensive care that will help you rebuild your life with a sober foundation. Call now for more information.