Middle-Aged Professionals: The New ‘Molly’ Users

The party drug “Molly” made national headlines after being linked to several deaths at dance festivals across the country. This drug, which is already popular with college students, has been gaining popularity among a new group of customers. Molly, touted as a more pure form of Ecstasy, is now being used by professionals in their 30s and 40s. Based on claims of its purity, organized crime syndicates have been marketing this drug by appealing to this demographic group’s fondness for labels like “natural” and “organic,” according to David Dongilli of the Philadelphia Division of the DEA.

Dongilli told NBC10 Philadelphia: “They’ve sort of bought into this marketing plan by the criminal organizations that this is pure MDMA. It’s as if it has some sort of organic value and, unfortunately, it’s anything but organic and pure.”

Far from being pure, the drug is frequently “cut” or mixed with other substances. Dongilli says that sometimes illicit drugs are used, as are toxic substances like acids and even rat poison. People take the drug believing in its purity but end up extremely ill or even dead as a result of these added ingredients.

How Dangerous Are Drugs?

Recreational drug users often fail to foresee the potential dangers of the drugs they use, due in part to the fact that there is no way to know the exact ingredients in any given batch of any street drug. The constantly changing composition of the product means that even the most seasoned user will be unable to effectively gauge their dose and avoid medical emergency or overdose.

But it’s not just the physical issues that can befall an individual that should have people concerned. Drugs also negatively impact many other aspects of a person’s life. Some of these additional effects of drug use include:

  • Relationships. As the user pursues drugs in increasing measures, their relationships with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers suffer.
  • Professional life. Drug use increases instability at work and decreases productivity, leading to a failure to keep a job or maintain a career.
  • Financial issues. In order to keep up their drug use, people often spend all their money, resulting in foreclosure, bankruptcy, lawsuits and more. Once their money is gone, some may resort to theft or burglary in order to support their habit.
  • Mental health issues. Drug use can contribute to new mental health issues or aggravate existing conditions.

Recovering One Day at a Time

Building a life without drugs or alcohol is a step-by-step process. Substance abuse treatment is one of the major steps in this process and the first one – as well as one that you can assist your addicted loved one in taking. To help someone you love take the first step toward recovery, contact us at Axis today.