Kief, Hash, and BHO: The Risks of Marijuana Derivatives

Marijuana LeafAs marijuana becomes legal for medicinal or recreational use in different states across the country, one of the first things that many residents notice is that marijuana comes in many forms. Smoking a joint or smoking a bowl is still common practice among those who use the drug regularly, but offshoots of marijuana like kief, hash, and BHO are becoming increasingly common as well. What are these drugs, and how they are different from marijuana?


Before smoking a joint or packing a pipe, many marijuana users like to grind up the marijuana buds in an apparatus used expressly for this purpose. When they do this, a powder falls in the process. This powder has a high amount of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the active component in marijuana. Called kief, many users save and collect this powder over multiple grinding sessions to use later either by sprinkling it on top of joints to make them more potent or to make hashish, another marijuana derivative.


Made from kief, hash oil or hashish is one of the more commonly used offshoots of marijuana. Available in a paste or in solid form, hash softens as it is heated and the vapors are inhaled when it is smoked by the user. A very potent drug, it has higher levels of THC than marijuana and thus has a high potential for abuse or addiction.

Though it is possible to make the drug from kief at home, most users buy the drug already made. Most of the product sold here in the United States was made here or in the Middle East.

Butane Honey Oil

Much like hash oil, butane honey oil (BHO) is a highly potent marijuana derivative that is heated so that users can inhale the resulting vapors. Butane oil is highly addictive, too, but it is also dangerous to make. Making the drug requires the use of butane, a highly flammable substance, and thus the production process can be as deadly as the making of other unstable intoxicants, like crystal meth. A trendy substance, BHO is more and more often the cause of ER admissions as its use spreads.

Marijuana Treatment

Whether you smoke BHO, hash, kief, or marijuana buds, if you’re addicted to THC and the high that it brings, then treatment can help. Contact us at Axis now to get the answers you need about marijuana abuse and addiction detox and therapeutic intervention. We’re here to help.