Meth Labs Create Toxic Byproducts That Infect the Community

Crystal Meth Abuse RehabMeth labs are not just unhealthy when they are occupied and actively churning out crystal meth; they can be toxic for years due to the byproducts of meth production. For every ounce of meth created, four or more ounces of toxic chemicals are generated. Meth manufacturers will dump the toxic chemicals anywhere they think will help them avoid detection by law enforcement. Unfortunately, this is often in our rivers, lakes and streams.

Former meth addicts report all sorts of disturbing disposal practices for the poisonous meth byproducts – like bagging it up and burying it in the ground, creating a toxic environment for any neighboring homes of the property. In Minnesota, it has been reported that there are even meth labs in icehouses, the little huts on lakes usually reserved for ice fishing in the winter months. This is convenient because when the meth cooks want to get rid of some waste they just bag it up and drop it through the hole in the ice.

Texas Does Not Require Meth Labs to Be Cleaned by Landlord

It is disturbing that our natural resources are being abused in such a grotesque manner, but in the state of Texas, a person may be completely unaware that they are living in a home oozing with leftover toxic chemicals created by a meth lab. This is because there are no laws on the books in the state to protect individuals who buy or rent property that was once a meth lab.

In other states, landlords are mandated to call in a company certified to clean up hazardous waste, but in the Lone Star State landlords do not have to clean it up – nor do they have to inform new tenants of the property’s history. In Texas, sellers do have to inform buyers during a real estate purchase; however, banks and agents don’t have to share the meth lab history of a property in the process of selling a foreclosed home.

Old Meth Labs Cause Health Concerns

Individuals exposed to the chemicals leftover from the manufacturing of meth may experience any or all of the following health issues:

  • Lung disorders
  • Nervous system issues
  • Skin rashes
  • Damage to the liver, thyroid and kidneys

Kirk Flippin, owner of a company specializing in meth lab cleanup in Texas, stated: “I’ve got a whole filing cabinet of contaminated homes in Austin that have probably never ever been cleaned.” Flippen likens the lack of regulations in the state of Texas to “the wild wild West.”

For those living with a dependence upon crystal meth, little thought is given to the repercussions of their demand for crystal meth on the environment and the community. But it may inspire family members to take a proactive stance when it comes to addressing a loved one’s ongoing addiction. Is someone you love living with a crystal meth dependence? Call now to find out how we can help your family begin the healing process here at Axis.