My name is Sam R. I am 24 years old and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. After almost three years after treatment at Axis, I have nothing but love and a grateful attitude towards this program. The staff and management really care about people and want to help people get clean and sober and stay that way. My past has shown that drug and alcohol treatment does not work for me, I had been to treatment 5 times before going to Axis. At Axis they were able to show me how to have fun in sobriety and how to create a sober network of people to reach out for help to.
When I got to Axis, I was a pitiful shell of a person who could not take care of myself and stop using drugs or alcohol, my life today looks much different. I have a sponsor and sponsor people, have a good job, go to school and I have Axis to thank for helping me get through what I needed to get through to make all of this work for me. The structure of Axis allowed me to go out and start a new life without being held back by my addictive and pleasure seeking behavior. At almost three years sober I am still so grateful for Axis and the staff there. Axis was a crucial part of my recovery bringing group therapy, routine activities, one on one counseling, and helping me seek outside resources to further help me in my recovery.

- Sam R.
July 1, 2013

Sixty days sober today. This, I know I couldn’t have done without your help and this amazing place you call Axis. When I left deter in a fog, I just decided I liked this place the best of the ones I visited that day, but now, there’s no question in my mind I was guided here. Axis was exactly what I needed and exactly where I was supposed to be. You hustled me into AA, and set me on my perfect path to recovery. Your own program has kept me focused and disciplined while I’ve needed it the most, and for this I am truly grateful. I’ve seen a lot in my 2 months here and have learned many, many lessons. This is like a microcosmic intensive crash course in real life, where little things are magnified so they can’t be ignored, as we alcoholics are so good at doing. Defects and shortcomings are placed on the table for everyone to see, and accountability is made the only option. What a great thing! What a tremendous learning experience you’ve given me.

It’s your knack for tough love coupled with humor and the understanding of each personality you take on, that earns you the tremendous respect that I, and everyone else here has for you. Even the guys that left in a huff wanted to be back, because this is what we alcoholics need. We can’t guide ourselves and we can’t grow alone at this critical point in becoming sober. Your mission is thankless and often resented, I’m sure, but to me, is perfectly executed. Who in the world would actually want to take on a house full of crazies and try to shape them in to socially responsible adults? What you do makes AA sponsorship look like a walk in the park. This is giving back to the extreme, and it’s obvious to me that this is your true motivation.

I feel like I’m on a great adventure, with limitless possibilities before me. Two months ago I know my future held only misery and death wrapped in pain and shame. On my darkest day, when I begged God for help, I was released, and I was shown the love of my family, friends and a fellowship. I’ve been set back on my feet, on my axis, if you will, to begin again, the joyful task of living right. I’ve been taught surrender and tolerance and acceptance. I’ve been, for the first time in my life, pointed in the right direction, and now the journey really begins.

So here I go, wish me well. Ill never forget you.

All my respect and all my thanks and all my love,

- David

My name is Zach, and I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. Before entering Axis, I had been battling drug addiction and alcohol abuse for well over a decade, and I had settled with the fact that my life was never going to change. I had never attempted to get sober, or clean up my life before coming to Axis.

Today I am over one year sober, healthy, employed, and reconnected with my family and friends. I owe everything I have today to the foundation I established at Axis with the help of the supportive staff and unique program. I truly believe I am lucky to have chosen Axis as a place for me to get sober and change my life, because I’m not certain I could have done it the same way anywhere else.

-Zach B.
June 21, 2013

My name is Josh L. and I’m a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. I had been attempting to get sober for over 17 years before entering Axis. My experiences priors were structured and unstructured treatment communities, behavior modification centers. I even thought my solution might be in scientology at one time.

After entering Axis house, and staying long enough for the fog to lift, I developed a valuable personal relationship with Brad. Moreover, he allowed me to make my mistakes, maintain a sense of dignity while stressing the importance of principles such as honesty, responsibility and integrity as becoming an integral part of my life. He monitored my progression with my sponsor and the 12-steps. He encouraged me to establish my roots by getting lots of commitments that included Hospital and Institutions of Cocaine Anonymous. He had a straightforward approach that I could understand. He shared his own recovery experience with me and gave me comfort in that he knew what I was going through. Because of that, I was able to share my own experience in an honest way. This idea of honesty was foreign concept to me.

Axis house gave me the foundation to recreate my life. I never felt a sense of belonging but after living with fifteen other men it gave me that sense of community and camaraderie that had been missing from my life.

For this experience I will be forever grateful.

- Josh L.
West Los Angeles , CA