Is Sports Doping Coming to the Workplace?

In every workplace, there is always at least one person who seems to have it all together, the person who always does everything perfectly and who never seems to mind putting in extra hours at the office. Chances are that you know someone like that – someone who seems to get an amazing amount of work done, who does it all perfectly down to the last detail, and who never seems to get burnt out. This person probably thrives under pressure, maybe even seems to crave it, and is likely wildly successful.

What if this person wasn’t a superhero, however, but instead was relying on performance-enhancing drugs to increase productivity, in much the same way that many professional athletes – such as the recently suspended Alex Rodriguez – do?

Drugs in the Workplace

Your seemingly superhuman coworker probably isn’t using steroids, but he or she could be using so-called “neuroenhancement medications.”  While these drugs, which are becoming increasingly common in the workplace, may not be steroids in the truest sense of the word, they can be perceived as a sort of “steroid for the brain.” Most varieties of these drugs include amphetamine salts and mixtures from various other medications. While little is known about whether or not they actually promote better brain functioning, as many of the products claim to do, there are already some known risks involved with using them.

The Dangers of Neuroenhancers

Since the use of neuroenhancers is a relatively new phenomenon, there hasn’t been a lot of research conducted on them or their effects. However, what little research has been done has revealed that some harmful and potentially even fatal side effects may exist. Possible effects include:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problems, including heart failure
  • Possible psychosis

If, with the small amount of knowledge we have about neuroenhancement drugs, scientists have already come to the conclusion that they may be harmful, what other effects might be realized once more research has been done? That’s a frightening thing to think about and, obviously, it’s even more frightening if someone you care about is using these medications to get ahead in the workplace.

Help Can Start Today

Though no one has all the details on neuroenhancement drugs and their effects, substance abuse and/or addiction of any kind should be taken seriously. Drug abuse and addiction, after all, often point to a serious underlying emotional problem, and a person who abuses one substance is likely to start abusing another. Therefore, don’t hesitate in getting help for a colleague, friend or family member who is abusing neuroenhancement drugs or any substance of abuse.

Here at Axis, we are equipped to help treat individuals with an addiction to these substances and can offer hope and healing for the person you care about. Call us today for more addiction treatment information.