Two Deaths Linked to Marijuana Edibles

Drug Detox

In the ongoing argument on whether or not marijuana is addictive, those who believe it is a safe substance often argue, “No one has ever died after using marijuana.”

According to a Fox News report, this statement is no longer true, if it ever was. Two deaths in Colorado have been attributed to an overdose of marijuana ingested through edible THC-laced products. Additionally, the rate of emergency room admissions caused by the drug have increased in the state as well, demonstrating the level of physical harm that can come from use of the drug.

Dr. George Sam Wang at Children’s Hospital Colorado says that the consequences of marijuana have a slower onset when the drug is ingested through edible goods like beverages, baked items and candy. The effects generally last longer as well.

Says Dr. Wang: “One of the dangers that we’ve been seeing with adult recreational retail use is they’ll take the recommended dose, wait, feel no effects and then continue to stack doses. Then before they know it they have a pretty large amount in their system and then they get potentially pretty severe effects.”

Marijuana Is Not Harmless

Many people don’t view marijuana as a drug on the par of other illicit substances. They believe that use of marijuana is not unlike having a drink every now and then, and that it’s a common drug of experimentation for many. Unfortunately, one of the victims who died after using marijuana had never used the drug before; he wasn’t an addict, and he didn’t use any other substances. His experimentation with the drug was fatal. Why? Because marijuana use is the opposite of harmless.

Marijuana Is Addictive

Scientific research and anecdotal evidence are continuing to mount, pointing to marijuana as an addictive substance. Withdrawal symptoms including headaches, insomnia, agitation, cravings and more are reported by those who are without the drug after long-term, chronic use.

Addictive use is also defined by compulsive use of the substance to the detriment of other areas of the user’s life. Many find they are simply unable to manage their use of the drug even though it is damaging to their physical health, mental health, personal relationships, life goals and more.

Treating Marijuana Addiction

Like any other drug, addiction to marijuana can be effectively treated through a comprehensive and evidence-based treatment program. If you are, or your loved one is, unable to manage use of marijuana, we can help. Contact us at Axis today to learn more about our program.