7 Holistic Addiction Treatment Therapies That Work

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Holistic therapies and treatments are an excellent way to augment a drug addiction program that includes traditional and alternative therapies as well. Though holistic treatments are not enough to help a patient completely overcome addictive use of alcohol and drugs, they can increase the ability of the recovering addict to avoid relapse for the long-term.

Here are seven holistic addiction treatment therapies that can help you to make more rapid progress in rehab and beyond:

  • Yoga. Yoga is gentle physical exercise and an active meditation all at once. It offers patients a place to quiet their mind, stretch, strengthen, and breathe. It can become a tool that patients can utilize regularly as well as in times of great stress.
  • Nutritional therapy. Learning what you need in terms of nutrients each day and what foods provide those nutrients, as well as how to meal plan and cook can have a huge impact on a patient’s ability to sleep better, decrease stress, feel healthier, and better control mood swings that may contribute to relapse.
  • Life coaching. Working with a professional life coach can provide patients with assistance in defining their goals in recovery and attaining them without putting their sobriety at risk.
  •  Exercise. Whether you are already in shape, returning to a pre-addiction sport that you loved, or just starting out in fitness, exercise can help to improve mood, increase energy, and increase your confidence in your ability to accomplish anything that comes your way – including remaining drug- and alcohol-free.
  • Acupuncture. Eastern medicines like acupuncture treatments for the purposes of healing from drug addiction, acupressure, aromatherapy, and other treatments have been shown to be effective in helping patients to better handle the urge to relapse while also improving their physical and mental health and wellness.
  • Meditation. Taking time out in the day to just be quiet and focus on the breath can serve to help lower stress levels. It can also be an excellent tool when cravings for drug and alcohol begin to become overwhelming.
  • Art therapies. Writing, photography, painting, and other art forms are all therapeutic in their own ways but when utilized specifically to explore an addiction history and goals for the future, they can help patients to stay connected to their recovery as they navigate their way through the challenges of sober life.

Well-Rounded Recovery

The best way to make progress in recovery from addiction is to begin with a comprehensive addiction treatment program that includes medical and psychiatric treatment if necessary. Contact us at Axis now to learn more about our drug rehab program and how we can help you jumpstart healing today.