Can One Use of Cocaine Start an Addiction?

It is common knowledge that drugs are powerful, but is it possible for a drug to be strong enough to change the way your brain works? New research shows that cocaine can do exactly that. Researchers at UCSF and UC Berkeley demonstrated that one-time use of cocaine causes modifications in the brains of mice.

According to the study, cocaine use causes new brain growth, observed in the form of new dendritic spines. The growth of these tiny connectors points out the rodents’ ability to “learn” about cocaine. After one dose of cocaine, the mice sought to repeat the context in which they received the drug.

The study is helping to clarify the role of the frontal brain in drug abuse and addiction. One of the main hopes of researchers is that this discovery and others like it can aid in the prevention and treatment of drug abuse across the nation.

Is Inpatient or Outpatient Better?

Drug users will most often continue using drugs unless someone intervenes on their behalf and encourages them to get help. When deciding on an appropriate treatment program, there are a number of settings in which treatment can happen. Two of the most common choices include inpatient and outpatient care. The structure of the treatment differs depending on the specific program. Choosing between an outpatient and inpatient setting for your loved one should be based largely on their needs. Below are some of the strengths of each type of setting.

Inpatient setting:

  • The individual is completely removed from their environment including access to drugs as well as friends who are drugs users and other influences.
  • The intensive treatment provides 24-hour supervision and care for those who need it.
  • Separation from the “real world” gives the individual a greater opportunity to focus on their recovery.

Outpatient setting:

  • Many programs allow the individual to continue living at home thus giving them more freedom.
  • The individual can continue being with family and friends and be supported by them on a daily basis.
  • Even though individuals undergo several hours of treatment and therapy throughout the week, they usually have time to continue working or studying.

The Journey From Being a Drug User to Becoming Drug Free

An effective drug rehab program that offers a multitude of treatment services is one of the main components of a successful recovery from drug abuse. Creating a whole new life based on sobriety is not easy, but with a strong start in treatment, even the most entrenched addict can turn over a new leaf. To find out how substance abuse treatment here at Axis can benefit your loved one, call us today. We’re here to help.