Marijuana Wants to Get Into Women’s Wallets


bigstock-Young-couple-meeting-financial-36668986About half of men interviewed say that they have used marijuana at some point in their lives. Only a third of women say that they’ve ever used the drug. Does this deter the marijuana industry? Not a bit. In fact, it seems to have encouraged them to amp up their marketing and aim it squarely at the American woman – and they’re starting by making sure that their women are in key corporate positions within the $1.53 billion dollar industry, according to a report from ArcView Market Research. It’s also predicted that the marijuana industry will grow to more than $10 billion in five years.

The second step in their plan to turn more women on to weed? Rebranding. There’s an article in a recent issue of Vogue magazine on high-end marijuana cuisine, and an article in Marie Claire magazine called “Stiletto Stoners” identifies some of the more privileged women who indulge in (legal) use of the drug. The message is that marijuana is the substance of choice for the “it” women of style.

Women and Addiction

While there is likely more than a little bit of money to be made for male and female investors when it comes to the marijuana industry, and marijuana will be pushed at women as a trend across media outlets in the interest of making money for those investors, the big question is how changing views of marijuana use will impact the number of women living with addiction.

In the past, there was a huge gap between the number of men and the number of women living with addiction. In recent years, however, that gap has been steadily closing as more and more women turn to drugs and alcohol – or admit that they have a problem and seek treatment. With the legalization of marijuana and the direct targeting of women by the industry, it stands to reason that more and more women will develop a drug problem due to their use of marijuana. According to the journal Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, about nine percent of those who use marijuana will develop a dependence upon the drug. Women are not exempt from this number.

Treatment for Women

Unfortunately, even though more and more women are in need of addiction treatment, they often have a more difficult time than their male counterparts asking for the help they need to heal. The pressures of stigma associated with drug use, the demands of work and family, and their own belief that they can get the problem under control without burdening anyone can all serve to stop them from reaching out.

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