Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana

Isolated LeafPhiladelphia is following in the steps of Washington State and decriminalizing marijuana this month. According to The Fix, the city has determined that those who are caught with 30 grams or less of marijuana will receive a $25 fine – down from $200 plus mandatory treatment – making it a civil offense. Those who smoke weed in public will be fined $100 or do community service. Additionally, all current marijuana offenders in the city who were arrested and prosecuted for either of these former crimes will have their records expunged.

Decriminalization does not mean that it is legal to buy or sell marijuana. Anyone who is caught with more than 30 grams of the drug or selling the substance, and those who do not give proper identification when caught, will be arrested

Mayor Michael Nutter’s office tweeted: “This comes at a time when many other jurisdictions are re-examining their approach to marijuana law enforcement.

Changing Perspectives

More and more Americans are coming to view marijuana as harmless – or at least no more harmful than alcohol. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Studies are coming out, one after the other, each providing new evidence that marijuana is addictive, that it causes brain damage, and that it can have a significant impact on the user’s mental and physical health.

Without the facts, many may be walking into an addiction or exposing themselves and the people around them to health changes that they didn’t expect or want. Teens and young adults are especially at risk because early use of the drugs has been linked to higher rates of addiction and other serious problems related to drug use.

Protecting Yourself, Protecting Your Family

If you are concerned about the use of marijuana in someone you love, you are right to be worried. An estimated 9 percent of those who use the drug will develop a dependence upon it. This means that there is not only a good chance that it could happen to someone in your family but that if it does, you’re not alone. More and more people are seeking treatment for abuse and dependence upon the drug every year, and with increased legalization of its use, those numbers will likely continue to increase.

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