‘Retreads’ at Rehab: When One Time Is Not Enough

If you’ve been to rehab once, you’ve heard the term “retread” before. It means anyone who goes to rehab more than once. When they’re in the second – or third or fourth – time, they’re considered a retread. By our definition, a retread is someone who recognizes when they need more help and asks for it. It is without a doubt a far better choice than avoiding continued treatment and living with an ongoing active addiction. Axis Residential Treatment does not in anyway condone the use of the word ‘Retard’ and have only used it here to report the facts on this subject.

Is Being a “Retread” a Bad Thing?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Judgment aside, it’s a fairly common thing. Addiction is a disorder that’s characterized by relapse. Many refer to themselves as being in remission when they get sober. They understand that triggers can mean a slip or relapse but that a slip or a relapse doesn’t have to mean a return to an ongoing and active addiction. A slip can mean just a sip of alcohol or taking a hit off a joint. A relapse can mean a binge drinking session or a night of getting high or a few days of being on a stimulant drug. When that relapse turns into a chronic issue that lasts weeks and the patient again finds themselves in a position of dealing with negative consequences and an inability to walk away from their drug of choice, it’s time to go back to rehab. And it’s something that happens all the time.

If Rehab Works, Why Do People Have to Return for More Treatment?

There are no two rehabilitation experiences that are alike, just like there are no two experiences in addiction that are alike – and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction. That means that, of the many types of treatment available, someone may enroll in a program that isn’t as comprehensive as they need or that they don’t fully commit to the first time around. If they didn’t get everything they needed, they may need to come back for more or different treatment. Additionally, few treatment programs are effective without intensive and long-term aftercare treatment that walks the patient through the reintegration process. If a patient drops focus too quickly, it can mean a relapse and an ultimate return to rehab.

Making This Time the Last Time

A return to drug rehab means a second chance at getting the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. If you’re looking for a place to pick up where you left off with treatment or to rededicate yourself to the principles of recovery, contact us today at Axis and find out how we can help.