The Option of Inpatient Treatment

Holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs seek to treat all aspects of living and being as they guide individuals through the alcohol recovery process. Such holistic programs tend to take a partnered approach to treatment, encouraging individuals to cooperate with physicians, therapists and addiction specialists in order to resolve their addictions and guard against relapse. With a focused and integrated approach, holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs can help guide patients into sobriety through comprehensive and customized treatment.

What Are Holistic Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Programs Like?

Holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs tend to take a unique approach to alcoholism recovery. With an emphasis on breadth, alternative therapies and full-scale treatment, holistic inpatient alcohol treatment centers work to heal mind, body and spirit.

360-Degree Alcohol Treatment Approach

Holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs by nature incorporate a host of treatment modalities. The focus of holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs tends to be round, with an emphasis on physical recovery, psychological and emotional healing, and spiritual needs. Exercise, stress reduction, nutrition, life skills training and transitional planning are also factored into holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs, as well, to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes the odds of successful sobriety.

Compassionate, Confidential Alcohol Treatment

Because holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs focus on the harmony between the brain and body, compassionate, nonjudgmental treatment for alcoholism should be the norm. Holistic alcohol treatment facilities tend to encourage individuals to become decision-makers in regards to their own physical and mental health, along with all other aspects of recovery. Confidentiality should also be appropriately respected, in regards to both physical and mental health.

Alcohol Treatment Beyond the Symptoms

Holistic alcohol addiction treatment programs tend to emphasize resolution on a deeper level rather than merely symptom treatment. As a result, issues of bodily system health, lifestyle, environment, past trauma, low self-esteem or co-occurring mental health disorders are treated to resolve core issues that may contribute to alcoholism.

Natural Treatment Methods

In general, holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs favor natural treatment methods over prescription drugs whenever necessary. In some cases, such as psychiatric disorders or chronic pain management, nonaddictive prescription drugs may be dispensed. However, holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs often also offer natural, herbal or homeopathic remedies alongside such measures.

Range of Alcohol Treatment Therapies

Holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs tend to embrace emergent alcohol treatment methodologies that show promise and effectiveness in treating alcoholism. Such therapies can include animal-assisted therapies, expressive arts therapies and hypnotherapy. Trauma therapies may also be incorporated where appropriate into treatment, such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy. Additionally, alternative holistic therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga, Pilates and tai chi may also be integrated into a holistic residential treatment plan.

Customized Alcohol Treatment Plans

admissions-pageHolistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs often recognize the uniqueness of each individual. Many holistic inpatient alcohol treatment programs provide a host of in-depth diagnostic testing to ensure that patients receive tailored care. Customized alcohol treatment programs are created for each individual, and reviewed and amended as patients progress through alcoholism treatment.