How to Get Help: Breaking Out of the Bondage of Addiction

Though millions of American struggle with drug addiction each year, the physical, psychological, emotional and financial tolls that drug addiction causes can leave drug-dependent individuals — and their loved ones — with a sense of helplessness as addiction escalates. Fortunately, the process of finding help for drug addiction represents an opportunity for a pivotal change in all areas of being through residential treatment programs. From the breaking of the physical addiction to drugs through professional detoxification to the healing of psychological dependency through expert counseling, drug treatment centers can guide you through each step of healing and pave the pathway to sobriety.

Finding Drug Addiction Detoxification at Professional Treatment Centers

When a drug addiction has come to light, professional treatment becomes imperative, in order to release the body and mind from the bonds of addiction. At the outset of treatment, patients receive thorough diagnostic testing, in order to uncover any overlooked psychological or physical conditions that may have led to attempts to self-medicate bodily or psychological pain through drug use. Detoxification allows the patient to withdraw from his or her drug of choice in a safe and supportive, medically-supervised environment. Withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be managed through nonaddictive medication, expert pain management strategies and psychiatric medications, while medical staff monitors vital signs to guard against potential complications.

Customized Treatment and Therapy at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Once detoxification has successfully been achieved (usually after a period of two weeks), the physical addiction to drugs lifts, allowing patients to experience greater clarity and insight. Customized treatment plans are created by staff members, often with multidisciplinary collaboration among addiction, nutrition, medical and psychological professionals at a drug addiction treatment center. Patients receive group and individualized counseling to analyze drug addiction triggers, heal underlying trauma, learn communication and coping skills, and prepare for a sober future. In a holistic atmosphere, patients also acquire nutritional, fitness and stress reduction techniques as building blocks for their new lives in sobriety.

The Importance of Finding Family-Focused Drug Addiction Treatment Help

Because the effects of drug addiction on the family are wide-reaching, the need for expedient enrollment in alcohol and drug addiction treatment plans is imperative. As the individual heals from the physical and psychological addiction to drugs, damage to the family unit brought on by drug addiction can be addressed and healed in a professionally guided environment. Through the use of addiction awareness and education, family counseling sessions and intensive individualized therapy, families can begin to heal together in the wake of drug abuse and addiction.

Finding Comprehensive Drug Addiction Help

Though many residential drug addiction treatment centers offer the similar core treatment components of detoxification, counseling and life skills building, some drug addiction rehabilitation programs offer extended services that may best match your drug addiction treatment needs. Such services can span from dual diagnosis capacity (for those with concurrent mental health conditions) and poly-drug addiction specialties to family-focused care or behavioral addiction specialization (treating process addictions such as eating disorders or gaming addiction alongside drug dependency). If you or someone you love struggles with drug addiction, we invite you to call our 24-hour, toll-free confidential addiction helpline to take the first steps towards sobriety. Our compassionate, caring addiction intake counselors will listen to your story, assess your addiction needs and help you take the first steps towards enduring healing.