Cole Herrera

Cole Herrera started his life in the kitchen as a dishwasher at a country club. He soon realized that he was in the wrong spot, he wanted to be cooking. He then went from place to place learning and adapting to all sorts of creativity and cuisines from all over the world. He would work catering weddings and parties during the day, to being a chef de partie at night working the line, pantry and saucier stations still craving more knowledge. However, he was limited to the dishes he could prepare due to seasons and menu block-outs. But when he arrived at Axis he was excited to share his knowledge with clients and expand his limits on a daily basis.

Chef Herrera believes the fresher the ingredients the more flavorful the dish. When you have great fresh ingredients you don’t have to mask them with other flavors or hide behind layers of tastes. And it’s all about the love you put into the dishes that make them what they are.